Rock climbing and the discovery of your (unexpected) passion

When I started my college journey, I knew that I was going to come out four years later with a degree. What I didn’t know was what else I would pick up along the way.

Loyola has taught me so much about life in and out of the classroom, a surprise I happily embrace every day. I am not the only one who has experienced this either! Many people come to school and unexpectedly find a passion completely unrelated to academics. It is a truly priceless experience. If you want a better idea of what I mean, stop by the rock wall at the FAC and ask Sarah Gervasi, ’14, about her new found passion for rock climbing.

When asked how she was first introduced to climbing, Sarah will tell you, “I tried climbing one of my first nights at Loyola,” at the FAC attack orientation event. She started going regularly the second semester of her freshman year. At first, Sarah found climbing to be a fun alternative to working out. But she says, “once I started learning how much was involved in the sport … I found that it was becoming something I really enjoyed and excelled at.”

Finding something you love at Loyola outside of the classroom really is as simple as that. It is all about trying something new, and taking advantage of the different opportunities that Loyola has to offer its students.

Sarah’s experience with climbing has brought her new opportunities both on and off campus as well. Her on-campus job is at the rock wall, but she has also been able to travel around Maryland and surrounding states to go climbing outside and to compete at other schools (Loyola is part of the Mid Atlantic Collegiate Climbing Series where schools host climbing competitions). Additionally, she has been part of the competition marketing committee, which acts as a great melding of her study of communication and her love for climbing.

Rock climbing has definitely become a lifelong passion for Sarah, who can’t imagine a situation where she would ever stop climbing; it is a part of her lifestyle now, and for good reason. She admits that it “has really given me some confidence that I never used to have.” She is also open to new opportunities and adventures after become more “outdoorsy” through climbing. Sarah took a trip while abroad to visit Cinque Terre, five small towns along the coast of Italy. While there, the regular hiking trails were closed because of landslides, but that didn’t stop her group from exploring. Because of the experiences that rock climbing has afforded her, Sarah felt comfortable exploring every inch of all five towns, which may not have been the case before she was introduced to climbing at Loyola.

Ultimately Sarah urges everyone of all shapes, sizes, and ages to try climbing, because you never know, you might love it like she does! And truly, this advice can be applied to anyone coming to Loyola who may not necessarily be looking for a passion outside of the classroom. Whether it is sports like climbing or swimming or joining a club such a Relay for Life, there are new opportunities around every corner.