7 ways students have fun on the Quad

Whether students are just getting back to campus in the beginning of the fall, or getting ready to leave for summer vacation, if the sun is out so are they. And where better to spend quality time outside than on the quad? While there are endless opportunities for a good time on the quad, here are a few of the most popular activities.

Getting some sun

Are you trying to catch the last rays of summer before the air gets cool and the leaves change color, or eager to warm up after a long winter? Then the quad is the place to go. On a nice and sunny day you are guaranteed to find it packed with students, so the earlier you can snag a spot the better. The best part is that there are always people coming and going, so expect some impromptu meet ups with friends old and new.

Loyola University Maryland quad on a sunny day

Grabbing a bite

Jazz up your lunch by bringing it to the quad and eating picnic style. Bring a blanket or hang out on the bench if you’re not one for sitting in the grass, but don’t count out the opportunity to commune with nature quite yet. Make it a date and grab a few friends for a fun afternoon pow-wow or go solo for a nice afternoon of reflection or people watching.

Listening to or playing music

Finally, a reason to be “that guy” who brings his guitar everywhere! When the weather is nice, everyone loves a good serenade on the quad. And let’s face it, for people like me who aren’t as musically inclined it is nice to have someone provide the soundtrack to my fun. If you’re not one for a jam session, feel free to bring an iPod and some speakers and crank up the tunes. Heck, throw a spontaneous dance party in there if you’re really looking to spice up your day.

Frisbee or Kan Jam or Slacklining

Get your blood pumping and have some fun with friends with these games. Everyone loves a laid back afternoon of tossing the frisbee around, but if you want to get a little more competitive pick up a game of Kan Jam. It’s that one where you’ve got to get the frisbee into the “can,” maybe even turn up those tunes to add in the “jam” part. If you’ve never tried slacklining, you’ve probably seen it. It kind of looks like people walking a tight rope between two trees, and let me tell you it is not as easy as it looks. But it sure is fun and will get your adrenaline pumping.


We’ve all had those conflicting moments where we want to sit outside and feel the breeze and just relax, but we’ve got a huge test coming up; more often than not this happens during finals week. Well, who says you can’t bring your studying outside? I am officially giving you permission to mix work with pleasure and hopefully make the task of studying a little less dreaded.

Reading for fun

I know I just told you to take your studying outside, but drop those required books and pick up a fun novel or a thrilling mystery and let your mind wander. If you’re feeling stressed, I highly recommend this to you; nothing helps your mind escape more than giving it a whole new world to delve into. This will also serve as a nice reminder of what it feels like to read without deadlines or pressure – this is for you, not for school.

Taking a nap

If you can fall asleep just about anywhere, try falling asleep on the quad. You won’t need a bed or blankets when you’ve got the warm sun and a free afternoon. Remember to put on some sunscreen or at least bring your shades, you can never be too cautious. And if you still aren’t convinced or think that napping in public sounds crazy, keep in mind I’ve seen plenty of people doze off on the quad, both intentionally and unintentionally. But really, I swear no one will look at you funny and even if they do you won’t know because you’ll be asleep!