Service for the Modern Languages and Literature Department

  • Course coordinator, Fr 102, 103, 104
  • Core Advisor
  • Major and Minor Advisor
  • Study Abroad Advisor, specifically for La Rochelle exchange program
  • Director of Summer Immersion Language Institute
  • Co-responsible for French Week activities
  • Common Text Moderator, Freshmen class
  • Representative on College Day, 2003, 2004
  • Organizer of weekend immersion trip to Montreal, 2000- present
  • Administrator of  Diplôme de Français des Affaires 1er degré, Centre agréé par la Chambre de Commerce et d’Industrie de Paris.
  • Organizer of every aspects of yearly month long immersion program in Montpellier: 1999- present.
  • Organizer of volunteer language immersion program: Living and Working in the French Caribbean Today, Summer 2007
  • Coordinator for final exam classroom assignments, 1988 – 2003
  • Recipient: Grant from Ciber and French Embassy for Teaching Practices in Business French, Strasbourg, Summer 1994 and Summer 1999

Service for Loyola College

  • Study Abroad Committee
  • Student Life Commission
  • Committee on Studies
  • College Board on Discipline, Spring 2004
  • Education for Life Committee, 2002 -present
  • Host French exchange students, 2001- 2006
  • Major Exploration Fair, February 2004
  • Host for Best of Baltimore program, until Fall 2006
  • Organizer of visits to French Enterprises in Strasbourg and Dijon, for Dr. R. Jones, Spring 2004
  • Organizer of book drive to create a library in new Loyola Dar Es Salam High School, Tanzania, 1998
  • Co- Created a course: “Field Experience in Teaching French”, Spring 1992, supervised students majoring in French at Loyola College teaching a daily class to 5th graders at Stoneleigh Elementary School.
  • Be-friender for victims of Trauma and Torture, advocate-interpreter, 2008-present.

Service in Haiti

  • Volunteer with Relief Team One ;project coordinator for development of Village Notre Dame de Lourdes, Santo # 25 , Commune de Croix des Bouquets.


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