Welcome to the homepage of the Hastings Lab at Loyola University Maryland! Our research is focused on designing new chemical reactions in organic chemistry that are more environmentally friendly compared to conventional organic reactions. In particular, we are interested in catalytic reactions where water is the only solvent, and processes in which multiple catalytic reactions take place in the same flask. We use both biocatalysts (enzymes) and synthetic catalysts in this work, so this research is at the interface between organic chemistry, biochemistry, and green chemistry.

Are you an undergraduate student interested in joining our research group? If so, please contact Professor Hastings!


6/22/17: Check out our newest publication, a book chapter in The Handbook of Green Chemistry! It’s on applications of supramolecular catalysis in green chemistry.

5/20/17: Congrats to new graduates Ted Fortier and Thom Porth!

2/1/17: Juan Resendiz (’18) and Reagan Adair (’19) have joined the lab! They’ll be working on expressing and assaying transaminase enzymes this spring. Welcome!

6/1/16: Summer research has officially started! Sam Kolb and Thom Porth will continue their projects from the spring semester, and Ted Fortier (’17) has joined as a new lab member. All three are funded by the Hauber Fellowship program.

2/1/16: Michael Corvelli (’16), Thom Porth (’17), and Sam Kolb (’18) have joined the lab! They will all be working on different green chemistry catalysis projects this spring. Welcome!

6/1/15: Jurgen Bushi (’17) has joined the lab as a Hauber Fellow and will be working on a biocatalysis project over the summer. Welcome Jurgen!

5/27/15: We’ve got our lab website up and running just in time for our first summer of research!