Trusted Advisor???

We live in an area of Baltimore that is very close to horse country. Baltimore is nice that way; you can be near the country while not being too far from the City. One of the consequences of living “in the country” is the existence of bugs and mice. This can’t be avoided. At least that is my conclusion. Unfortunately, I am married and have two children. They reject this premise and thus we have a service agreement with a pest control company. A very prominent pest control company. Like many well established businesses, they have a defined approach to client engagement. They have a well-defined process to make sure we are fully aware of their range of products and services. Termite eradication. Stink Bug elimination. Rat and mice infestation. The list seems nearly endless. In fact they want to be our trusted advisor, how do I know this, they told me. This got me to thinking. Trusted advisor seems to be the new promised land of business. We all want to be your trusted advisor.
In my experience, businesses have very few trusted advisors. It seems to me this is for good reason. How many people do you really trust? And how much advice are you really looking for on any given issue? Perhaps, even more importantly, when do you need this advice and from whom do you go get it? Isn’t that the really the point. Business people are bombarded with offers to add to their list of trusted advisors. The common response is to rightly develop means and methods to be insulated and protected. This too has some grave implications. If you don’t’ know where to go for advice or how to trust the source, could you be walking into trouble? Have you ever made a decision with an unexpectedly negative outcome? I know I have – far too often to admit, in fact.
Two benefits that came from my Loyola Executive MBA experience are (1) a new cohort of comparable business leaders who are invested in our business and (2) a whole new set of questions to ask any prospective advisor. You can see your business differently too, at Loyola.

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