You’re Not Special

Perhaps you have heard/seen or read about David McCullough Jr’s speech to the graduating class at Wellesley High School where he centered his speech on the reality that we are not special in the way many have suggested. For example, to be one in a million on earth means there are quite a few folks just like you or me. He makes his own points regarding this and it certainly is well worth the viewing. I was thinking is business, we don’t speak of special, we speak of differentiation. How can we deliver products and services to buyers in a way that allows us to be different and thus considered to be a premium provider? The marketplace moves all products and services towards commoditization so what means and methods do we apply to separate ourselves from our competition?
In a company this means one thing, in a career it means something different, yet similar. Companies continue to look for people to make a difference. From the promise of a high school graduation to the reality of an overcrowded employment base, we all need to find a means of differentiation. Like Forrest Gump said, “Stupid is what stupid does.” Perhaps the other side of that coin is “smart is what smart does.” Ongoing learning and development is a certain antidote to the momentum towards commoditization. Come check it out at the home of the Division 1 Lacrosse Champs.

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