Sharpen the Saw – A Tribute

In the past two weeks, it seems that the world is coming unglued. Mass murder in Colorado and Iraq. A promising teen in Lutherville, and one-time teammate of my son, dies in an auto accident, a competitor, husband and father dies in an auto accident in Pennsylvania to name a few. All tragadies and all worth reflection.

In addition, I see today that author Steven Covey passed at the age of 79. His most famous book is the 7 Habits of Highly Effective People – last year at age 78 he released another book, The 3rd Altenative. I have read the 7 Habits on multiple occasions simply because it contains incredible insight. Habits – we are habitual by design. If we want better outcomes, we need better habits. Who can argue with that? Effective – yes we desire to be successful, but isn’t effecive better. Success can be fleeting, effective is enduring.

Habit 7 from the book is to Sharpen the Saw. Sharpen the Saw means preserving and enhancing the greatest asset you have– you.

How can a business be more effective unless the collection of its people are more effective? Hmmm.

One thought on “Sharpen the Saw – A Tribute

  1. Thank you. A great writer said that we need to be reminder more than instructed. I think Dr. Covey was exceptional in that light.

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