Hobby See, Hobby Do

I like to play golf. It is stereotypical given my line of work, but as I often say, it is my main vice. I not only like to play golf, I like to compete at golf. Head to head, USGA rules, no quarter asked, no quarter given. I get a rush from the competition. I love the feeling in my stomach that you get when you have to make a shot and your nerves and mind are working against the best possible outcome. In other words, the consequences are high. So what do I do to make sure I am capable of making the shot, i.e. responding effectively? Well, I take golf lessons – many of them. I practice – often. I listen to tapes – constantly. I started thinking about the productivity of my investment in golf and for goodness sake, I should be much better. Or perhaps another way to look at it is that where would I be if I wasn’t invested in my hobby? I might be average. Here are some statistics from my research:
“To answer the question specifically, the National Golf Foundation breaks down the scores as such:

119: 15.3%

Therefore, the percentage of golfers that scores less than 100 is 51.9. Moreover, the NGF makes the assumption that all golfers are playing by the rules so there is an inherent flaw in the stats anyway. We’d all love to think that no one submits a score when a rule has been breached, especially knowingly, but it is what it is. I just want to emphasize that the NGF is reputable but the numbers are only as legit as the golfers that submit them. By no means do I endorse these numbers to be absolutes. Nor should anyone else.”
I am not alone in my commitment to my hobby. I know many people who have similar passions around fishing, biking, running, health, writing, etc. So here is my question, if we are so invested in our hobbies, then why not our businesses? Isn’t the consequence of being average higher? Are you breaking a hundred or shooting in the 70’s?

Perhaps an investment in your professional hobby is in order?

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