Getting The Season Started

A new basketball season is upon us! Last year was very exciting, and it will be a very tough act to follow after we won the 2012 MAAC Championship and advanced to the NCAA Tournament for the first time in 18 years. But, that was last year, and we are focused on writing a story for this year’s team, and our goals are the same.

We hope to do this again in March!

We are returning most of the starters from last year, but we also have a lot of new comers. As far as freshmen go, we have six: Josh Forney, Will Rassman, SJ Tuohy, Eric Laster, Jared Jones, and Damion Rashford. We also have one transfer, Denzel Britto.

The new guys have been great so far this year, and I really believe that they can help us a lot as the season goes on. They are very athletic and smart, they came from great high school programs and they are ready to play. We have been practicing now for almost two weeks, and the freshmen have bought in to this team already, and they have joined into the winning mindset this team has. Last year we won with veterans, and this season will be more of the same with their help.

We have a ton of veterans returning from last year’s team who want to win again. We’ve had a taste of success, and we want more, something I have seen this in our practices and scrimmages. I’m very excited to see how great we can be this season, and to see how this team will come together in the coming months.

This week brings a great event to our home court, Reitz Arena. Along with the women’s basketball team, we we will be on display as a team for the first time during “Late Night With The ‘Hounds” on Thursday, October 25. Doors open at 9 p.m., and students will have the chance to meet the players and coaches, participate in contests and see other activities like a dunk contest. They also have some great prizes like books for a semester, free Qdoba or Chick-fil-A for a year and things like that.

We’re looking forward to seeing you there!