Innsbruck Day 3

No trip to Innsbruck would be complete without time to enjoy the natural resources in abundance surrounding you. For this reason, and to allow for some down time, today was a free day. Students had signed up for bungee jumping, canyoning, paragliding, and bike riding. Unfortunately (or maybe fortunately) bungee jumping was cancelled due to wind restrictions.

I was not as adventurous as the students and instead, Dr. Klink and I rented bicycles to tour around the town. We ended up biking to Schloss Ambrose, situated on the north-western side of the city. On the way, we passed many of the buildings constructed for the 1982 Olympic games.



After returning the bikes and a short rest, we gathered on the front promenade of the hotel to watch the Champions League Football final game between Chelsea and Bayern Munchen. At this point, having all recently been to Munich, we were rooting for Bayern. The game was controlled mostly by Bayern who went up 1:0 late in the game, but with minutes left in regulation, Chelsea tied it at 1 all, forcing extra minutes. At the end of extra time, the score remained 1:1 and forced a penalty kick-off to decide the winner. In the end, Chelsea took the crown by one kick. A heartbreaking loss for Bayern Munchen.

At this point, it was late and many went to bed to prepare for an early wake-up and travel to Nice.

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