Travel Day: Innsbruck – Nice

7:45 AM, rise and shine campers! Today we travelled by coach from Innsbruck to Nice, France. Dr. Klink mentioned that we were half way through the trip now to which the students groaned, “awww nooooo!” We are all enjoying a great experience here and there are conflicting emotions about having to think about leaving but missing friends and family at home. Our route took us south through the Austrian alps and into Italy where we stopped for lunch. We struggled a bit to understand new signs, language, and food, but adjusted well overall. Back on the road, we crossed into France and the French Riviera to Nice.

The hotel is situated about half a mile or so from the shoreline and the Mediterranean Sea. The hotel itself offers free wifi, which we all immediately join and feel a sense of connection to the world outside of our trip. The evening is spent in the rain finding a place to eat and relax after the day’s eight-hour bus ride. Unfortunately, tomorrow it will rain as well, but we are all pulling for the sun to come through on Tuesday for our free day.

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