Nice Day 2: Free Day on the Riviera

The rain has stopped!  Cloudy at breakfast but hopeful the sun’s rays shine on our free day enjoying the French Riviera.  We take advantage of the tour bus at our disposal and 13 of us make our way to near the nearby principality of Monaco.  As some may know, next week is the annual Monaco Grand Prix.  This event is often a showcase of prestige for noted celebrities and other rich & famous.  This also means that the city is closed to tour buses and we are forced to park and walk our way down to the harbor.  Monaco is layout of switchback roads and narrow corridors due to its steep geographical placement.  Most places require up and down multiple elevators or tough hikes on brick stairways.  Maneuvering the area is quite tricky as you may go down two levels, walk three blocks to the right, down one level, and three blocks to the left in order to get to a place you were able to see just below you.  How the natives survive is understood once you glance at the main harbor area and bask in the crystal clear Mediterranean water.

Our Loyola training does us well as we logically follow our own path and reach the main harbor.  From there, we navigate to and walk along the raceway.  Crews work on giant grandstands while formula one teams gloss down their trailers.  What perhaps steals the show from the race efforts are the dozens of super-yachts docked together one after the other.  These ships are massive and breathtaking to look at.  Each has a crew of employees shining and polishing the gold trims, or washing and waxing the decks.  We observe as one businessman is scoffer-ed into his Rolls Royce, just one of the premium cars we see parked next to each vessel.

The energy of Monaco quickly drains us and we eat lunch on the main promenade before making our way back up the labyrinth, stopping here and there for souvenirs.  After a group photo, we board the bus back to Nice.  The rest of the day is free for everyone to enjoy.  I decide to go walking around the area of old Nice where there are many narrow streets filled with marketplace vendors.  I ascend a high staircase to an old Chateau that overlooks the Nice coastline.  My camera filled with photos, I head back to the hotel.  Dr. Klink, Prof. Fusting, and I venture out for dinner near the Palaise de Justice.

Overall, the free day in Nice could not have went better.  The weather even became sunny and 76 degrees, with a pleasant evening.  As for marketing, the students who went to Monaco actually did get to see some real sports advertisement examples in person.  As far as tech goes, I learned a lot about the benefits and restrictions of using an iPhone for maps and GPS locations.  Tomorrow, we travel to Rome.  Everyone is excited.

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