Travel Day: Nice -Rome

Nine hours.  That’s what we’re looking forward to today on the road travelling from Nice to Rome.  It sounds daunting, but the coach is nice and makes frequent stops.  Many catch up on sleep as every day we’ve been outside moving.  This is also a good chance for students to work on their assignments for the class.  I observe many of them diligently tapping away at their iPad screens effortlessly placing their thoughts to words.  In addition, those that have opted to create a trip marketing project using Adobe Collage have been adding their pictures in and learning the product well.  I am anxious to see their creativity when the assignments are due.

The iPads have been proving valuable not only for academics on the trip, but on long coach rides too.  Students work on assignments while listening to music, or they view movies they’ve loaded and play games together.  As far as I can tell, the long travel doesn’t seem to be the usual, “are we there yet?”

The biggest trick for me is yet to come: pulling the student data off the iPads.  The assignments are done in Pages, but there are now valuable pictures and movies loaded on to these devices that the students should be able to keep.  The uncertainty of free WiFi connectivity makes it hard to give instructions on how best to accomplish this all.  Luckily, when we arrive at the Rome hotel, it has WiFi, but not free.  I will be thinking over the next few days about how to gather all student work as well as assisting them in getting their media to an accessible personal space.

After check-in, everyone has the night free.  Many spend it picking a direction and walking around this beautiful ancient city.  Tomorrow, the morning is free followed by an afternoon visit with Italian leather maker, SKIN.  Bona cera for now.

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