Rome Day 1: SKIN Fine Leather

Ahhhh, Roma!  Everyone is electric since checking in to the hotel.  We all cleaned up after checking in yesterday and headed out to enjoy the sites, sounds, and cuisine of this ancient city.  This morning we had breakfast and enjoyed time visiting local sites such as the Colosseum, which is about four blocks from the hotel.

In the afternoon we gather to take the metro to SKIN Fine Italian Leather.  The business began many years ago by the son of a tanner.  His ideas revolutionized the leather fashion industry.  Mr. Gabizon’s inventions include colored leathers and unique styles never before seen in the industry.

Mr. Gabizon shared his story and provided some valuable business insights.  First, he mentioned the importance of changing with the times in order to stay relevant to consumers.  He attributes his product’s endurance in the industry through constant yearly innovations.  Some he says are successful, while some fail, but he believed that his brand’s value is enhanced even by a failure as long as he is seen as being consistently innovative.

SKIN was a company that started small and became a global leader.  Mr. Gabizon believed that investing in quality materials and not succumbing to temptations of saving costs is important.  If you are a luxury goods designer, then manufacture with top quality, always.  In the same way, he said that it is important to surround yourself with good talent.  Pay employees well who are known to be the best in the business.

If all else fails, Mr. Gabizon instructed others to change the game.  Challenge the status-quo and become different.  Students learned the value of attaching quality to a brand and showcasing designs consistently while mixing the product when necessary.

Our visit ended with a fashion show as we all donned SKIN apparel and walked the runway.  Almost everyone had their iPad out taking pictures and videos.  :)  A truly great site visit with a lot of flair and fun.

We departed from SKIN and spent the evening exploring Rome.

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