Rome Day 2: Johnson & Johnson

Formal day!  We dress to impress this morning to visit global health care giant, Johnson & Johnson.  The location is about 40 minutes outside of Rome and is a manufacturing and business campus, complete with football field (soccer).

Johnson and Johnson’s corporate mission is highly regarded and studied by international businesses.  They maintain a focus on people and care before profit and bottom lines.  In many scenarios, they have lost money in order to do what is right.  This corporate mantra translates well across international boundaries and was illustrated well in the presentations we heard today.  The speakers talked about J&J’s definition of value:

  • Quality & innovation
  • Transparency
  • Accompanying customers
  • Developing partnerships

These pillars their business shape and mold employees to perform their work with care and influence the manner in which work is performed.  To measure their success, J&J takes frequent climate surveys, using the results to dictate their business decisions.  Students learned how J&J’s marketing strategy consistently focuses on images and phrases central to humankind, such faces and body movements that promote the marketing message of better health and lifestyle.

After a full morning of this special opportunity from one of the world’s leading companies, we were treated to lunch and discussion.  I believe the students gleamed much from these intelligent and outspoken professionals.

Back in Rome, we changed and had the afternoon free to explore.  I spent my time wandering to the Pantheon and the Church of the Gesu, my favorite church in the world.  A piazza and pizza for dinner and then to bed for a free day tomorrow!


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