Munich Day 3

Today, we ventured out much earlier than on Tuesday: 9:15 instead of 9:30! Our destination? Adobe Systems (you have probably heard of them!).

There was an excellent presentation by some student workers that currently are stationed at the Adobe office in Munich (although they rotate every 3 months to a different Adobe office!). The presentation covered everything from an overview of Munich, to Adobe’s products, to their marketing strategies.

Overall, the presentation was well put-together and enjoyable. The students (both Loyola and Adobe) were engaged in productive conversation throughout. Did I mention they treated us to an excellent lunch??

After visiting Adobe, the afternoon was free to explore Munich. During this time, many of the students went out into the city to see some of the sights.

Here are some pictures from the day.┬áThe last one is for all of my fellow “Game of Thrones” geeks:

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