Verona Day 1

We left Innsbruck this morning and were headed only “One Direction”: towards Verona. Which direction was that you might ask? North? South? East? West? None of the above actually.

We arrived in Verona around noon, and were surprised by a massive amount of people everywhere. We headed downtown to discover the band One Direction was playing.

The city was packed with fans waiting for the 8pm show. We grabbed lunch while avoiding the crowd, and while waiting for our walking tour to begin. It was a nice sunny day… until it wasn’t…

After lunch and just before starting the walking tour, rain began to pour. Students ran and bought ponchos, and our tour was ultimately cancelled.

Later in the night, the weather cleared up and everyone was out and about.

Here are some pictures from the day:

One thought on “Verona Day 1

  1. Hi Nick, Sounds like the trip is going well. Mom and I have not been to Innsbrook. Arena looks a lot like the Coliseum in Rome. Looking forward to hearing all your travels when you get home.

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