Verona Day 2

Frau was on the agenda today. Frau is an Italian shoe-making company based out of Verona. They are a small-to-medium sized business that specializes in making top-end working/lounging shoes (everything but “night life footwear”). Apparently Italians are known for their leather and footwear products, among other products.

The Frau tour was pretty neat. Everything in the factory is hand made (but they aren’t afraid to use some technology). Each person specializes in a particular part of the shoe, and we saw them from fabric to full-functional-shoe.

After the tour, the students went shopping at the Frau store; if you have been following this blog the past few days and know someone on the trip, I think you now have heightened expectations for souvenirs.

The afternoon was free to enjoy Verona. Around 6pm, we had a mini-iPad-training-session, and at 6:30 the whole group was off to dinner. We met some students from the University of Illonois for dinner. We went to a pizza place in an old church. Everything was quite good!

After dinner, the leaders (and Franco!) went out for coffee near the arena. There was an FC Verona rally going on in the arena tonight; this was a slightly different crowd than the night before.

Pictures from the day can be seen here:

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