Rome Day 1

We started at 9am this morning and went straight to the metro. We all miss our cozy bus…

Nine stops and several blocks later, we arrived at the ICE-Italian Trade Commission. This agency promotes the internationalization of Italian companies– they really push the “Made in Italy” brand, and define what that means around the world. They emphasized the 3 F’s of Italy: Fashion, Food, and Furniture. We have visited a fashion company (Frau), and experienced the food first hand– they are definitely promoting a good product!

This was our first government agency visit; it lacked the bells and whistles of some of the other visits, but had surprisingly interesting content.

After the visit, we dispersed and went to lunch or started to sight-see. A little bit into lunch, thunderstorms rolled into the area. We also had some thunderstorms this evening. The rest of the week looks more promising, weather-wise.

Only a couple pictures today because of the fairly short/simple site-visit and the weather. Many more to come:

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