Travel from Baltimore to Philly to Munich

Everyone met at the BWI Airport today for our flight to Munich, just after a short layover in Philly.

Well, the first part of the commute went great! We made it to Philly easily, and calmly transferred to our connecting flight to Munich.

The flight to Munich took off, and was going great for about 90 minutes… until somebody on the flight ordered champagne.

A flight attendant on US716 did not know how to properly open a bottle of champagne. Due to this lack of champagne-opening-aptitude, they hit themselves in the eye with the cork. Long story short, we made an emergency landing back in Philly.

After sitting at the gate for 90 minutes, and then on the runway for another 60, we took off and got to Munich safely.

Once we arrived in Munich, we checked into the hotel and then did a brief walking tour of the city. Afterwards, we had a group lunch at the Paulaner.

At this point, we are all exhausted and heading straight to bed! BMW Factory tour tomorrow—bright and early!

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