Munich Day 2

Today we were up bright and early to depart for the Dingolfing BMW Factory, our first site visit.

We arrived in Dingolfing by bus around 8:30, and started our tour just after. Unfortunately, pictures weren’t allowed on the tour, so there are only a handful of pictures of today’s events.

Either way, the tour was fantastic! We were able to see an entire BMW built from raw metal to driving off the lot. We learned a great deal about the logistics of BMW, as well as the manufacturing process of their cars. The machines used in the factory were particularly fascinating– completely automated and perfectly precise, all while lifting hundreds of pounds of material.

After the tour, we dined in BMW’s cafeteria, and shortly after were on our was to Dachau, the first of the Nazi concentration camps. Dachau is an eye opening experience which cannot be described. Truly devastating.

After a short bus ride back from Dachau, we departed to our hotel for a free evening. Tomorrow, we head to Adobe.

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