Munich Day 3

Today we were out the door at 9:15, a welcomed late start to the day. Our destination was Adobe.

We arrived at Adobe around 10, and were greeted by two familiar Adobe interns from last year. Most of Adobe’s staff was out at a conference in London this week, but the staff that stuck behind did a phenomenal job of hosting us. Their presentation was relevant, engaged, and informative.

After Adobe finished its presentation, they took us on a brief tour of their office, including their wonderful rooftop view. We gathered for a group picture, and then were ushered to an Adobe-provided lunch.

We took the bus back to the hotel, and arrived around 1. The afternoon was free to do whatever you like. Some students went with Rick to the train station to shop for some soccer memorabilia. Some took naps (#Fred). Some went to the Olympic stadium. Some went to the English Gardens.

Overall Munich was great to us again! The weather surprisingly held up most of our stay, even though it was projected to be rainy the entire stay.

Tomorrow we head out to Innsbruck, with a site visit on the way and another once we arrive.

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