Innsbruck Day 1

After Munich, we travelled to our next city: Innsbruck, Austria. On our way, we stopped at Riedel Glassworks in Kufstein.

Riedel is a glass company that hand-makes/blows its own glass. A single Riedel glass product is created via multiple master craftsmen who have been trained for 10+ years. The precision in making a single drinking glass is astonishing.

The other notable point of the glass making process is the heat. We walked through a room around 100 degrees to view the glassmakers in action. Their furnaces are over 3200 degrees to melt the glass materials, so it is hard to imagine how hot the glassmakers must have felt being much closer.

After some quick shopping at Riedel, the group hopped back on the bus and made its way again towards Innsbruck. We arrived at the hotel about an hour later, unpacked, and grabbed a quick lunch.

Around 3pm, we met with the Innsbruck Tourist Board (ITB). The ITB are a government-funded company with the goal in mind of attracting visitors to Innsbruck. They market their city worldwide in order to attract customers from all around the world.

When the ITB finished presenting its marketing portion, some scruffy looking gentlemen entered the room to inform the students of the options for their free day on Saturday. The students were disappointed to hear that Canoyoning was cancelled (water near freezing temperature, as is the air temperature); however, new opportunities arise. Most of the students decided to either go whitewater rafting, or tour Neuschwanstein Castle.

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