Innsbruck Day 2

The second day of Innsbruck was upon us and we ventured towards Swarovski, a famous crystal company in Austria. The folks at Swarovski gave us a nice tour of their office, and then conducted a marketing presentation. Following the presentation, we walked through a room of their products, including a chandelier from James Bond, and several other famous crystal creations.

After the activities in the Swarovski office, we went to Swarovski Crystal World (SCW). SCW is a museum/attraction built in 1995 to commemorate Swarovski’s 100th anniversary. At the end of the SWC adventure, we exited into the largest Swarovski shop in the world. After some more shopping, we went back to the hotel.

Later that evening, everyone bundled up and hopped on the bus for an evening Tyrolean lantern hike. It was about 35 degrees, and rainy.

We huffed up the mountain for about 30 minutes until we arrived at our destination: a restaurant atop the mountain. After we sat down for dinner, our entertainment arrived: some Austrian/German musicians. We yodeled, danced, sang and ate.

When the festivities concluded, we lit the lanterns and started back down the mountain—at this point it was pitch black outside. We got back down the mountain with only the lanterns (and Heinz) to guide us. 30 minutes or so later we were back at the bus, and on our way back to the hotel.

The following two pictures were too large for this blog, but here are some imgur links:

Picture 1
Picture 2

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