Innsbruck Day 3 and Travel to Verona

The third day of Innsbruck was entirely free to do whatever we wanted– after all, it was the weekend.

Many of the students went whitewater rafting, and some visited Neuschwanstein castle. A few went to the top of the mountain via the lift and had a nice view of the city. There was also a rock climbing tournament going on downtown.

In the evening, there was a Bayern Munich versus Dortmund soccer game that many watched. Even later in the evening, rumor has it some WWE superstars were hanging out in the hotel, including John Cena.

Today, we were up early to catch the bus to Verona. We arrived in Verona around 12:30, checked into the hotel, and grabbed lunch.

Later this evening, we will be having a group dinner with all the Loyola students and 20 or so students from the University of Illinois. Tomorrow it is back to site visits!

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