Verona Day 2

The second day of Verona, we went to “The Fab”– luckily only a brief walk from our hotel.

The Fab blended into the neighborhood’s residential area. Until being greeted by the staff, it was difficult to tell it was a workplace! Even inside, the office environment was just a big open/workshop-looking space: no cubicles or conference rooms here.

We were given a presentation about what The Fab does. In short, they work in a consultant-like role for many nearby Italian businesses. One example of their work is in taking an outdated/artisan craft, and helping to make it more feasible in today’s world. The Fab is comprised of lawyers, web-designers, artists, and just about anything else you can think of. Select roles collaborate on a project when necessary.

After The Fab, we had the afternoon free. Some rented bikes and toured the city, while others walked around the city. The Arena and a nearby castle were some nice sites to visit.

Extra Picture

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