Rome Day 3

Thursday was our third day in Rome, and the day of our last site visit: Hard Rock Cafe.

We left the hotel around 11 to take the metro to the Hard Rock Cafe. Around noon we started the visit with a meal– the best way to start a site visit!

After the meal, we walked to a conference room in the Hard Rock Cafe and were greeted by Fabio Villanis, an employee of the Hard Rock Cafe. Born in Italy, raised in Brazil, Fabio eventually returned to Italy to work as a host at the Hard Rock Cafe. Currently, he serves in a variety of roles, one of which involves managing some of Hard Rock’s various memorabilia.

Fabio and Hard Rock’s marketing manager, Illaria D’Alessio, spoke with us about how Hard Rock Cafe came to be, how their brand has evolved, and their core mission. In the end, Hard Rock Cafe was an interesting and quality end to our site visits.

That evening, the group went out to dinner together to celebrate the end of the trip. Friday is a free day to explore Rome, and Saturday morning we head back to Baltimore.

I would like to thank everyone who followed this blog throughout the trip– I hope you enjoyed it!

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