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About the Class

Since 2004, the MK348 class has been offered at Loyola. MK348.Z1 is an elective marketing course targeted toward marketing majorsand minors. MK348.Z1 is an experiential course intended to develop a global overview of the marketing function. Students learn to (a) describe the international marketing context and (b) identify adaptations in product, price, promotion, distribution, and data collection and analysis. Topics include cultural, legal, financial, and organizational aspects of international marketing. The course meets 5 times during the Spring term on the Evergreen campus for (a) trip orientation and (b) academic learning of international marketing content. The trip itself will occur in May after final examinations. The specific course objectives are toa. Define international marketingb. Describe the impact of economic, cultural, and political environments on international marketingc. Understand a global marketing strategyd. Recognize ethical dilemmas that confront international marketing managerse. Enhance and apply communication skillsf. Develop the ability to work well in groups and apply this skill to a group project

About the Integration of Technology

Technology has always been a catalyst for change in our culture. At Loyola, technology most prominently effects the way we teach and learn. In 2011, Dr. Klink and Mr. Donohue collaborated on the results of the course. While traveling, students took hand-written notes and turned in handwritten assignments. Often this work was performed on long coach rides between cities or on airplanes to/from the US and Europe. Although the content of the assignments met the standards of quality the course had long been known for, Dr. Klink speculated that a lack of technology resources while traveling abroad was encumbering the ability of the students to learn to their potential in modern society. Loyola’s own initiatives towards fostering living and learning experiences for students also supported these assumptions.

Through the Faculty Technology Grant program, which provides seed money for faculty who can showcase the use of technology in academics, Dr. Klink sought the resources needed to integrate technology into the academic and cultural experiences of his students. Through a partnership between Technology Services and the Sellinger School of Business, the MK348 class was outfitted with loaner iPads. Each student received a device containing course materials, travel information, and specific applications to support their experience. On May 13 – 27, the class will travel once again to Europe, this time using technology to showcase their experience.

About the Professors

Dr. Richard Klink

Dr. Klink is a Professor of Marketing in the Joseph A. Sellinger, S.J., School of Business and Management. He received his Ph.D. in marketing from the University of Pittsburgh in 1996. His research interests include new product development and management with a focus on branding issues. His current teaching interests are in the areas of marketing strategy and international marketing.

Academic Degrees:

  • Ph D, University of Pittsburgh.
  • MBA, University of Pittsburgh.
  • BS, Duquesne University.

Professor Fred Fusting

Since 1982, Fred Fusting has been teaching Marketing courses at the undergraduate and graduate level at Towson University and the College of Notre Dame. In 2000, Fred became a full time faculty member at Notre Dame and joined Loyola University Maryland in 2006. Fred’s professional career spans over 30 years, serving as President of the Professional Learning Systems Division of Williams and Wilkins, a Baltimore-based health care publisher, President of, a Reston-based Internet company, and as Partner with Kaufman-Wills Group, consultants to scholarly publishers.

Academic Degrees
  • MBA, Loyola College.
  • BA, Towson University.

About the Bloggers

2013: Nick Velich is a Client Systems Engineer in Technology Services. He is a Loyola graduate with an undergraduate degree in Computer Science and will complete his graduate Computer Science degree in August 2013. Nick has been with Loyola professionally for three years. Much of his work involves mobile device and IT service support/solutions.

2012: Patrick Donohue is an Assistant Director in Technology Services. He is a Loyola graduate with a degree in Management Information Systems and received his MBA in 2010 from Towson University. Patrick is in his tenth year professionally with Loyola in the Technology Services department. Much of his work involves IT service management and support at the University.

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