A special place

Hello everyone! My name is Katie. I am a communication major specializing in digital media and minoring in political science.

Unfortunately this will be my last year of writing for A Hound’s Life, because I will be graduating in May with the class of 2017!

I grew up in New Jersey (yes, we have the best bagels in the world; no, I do not pump my own gas; and yes, the Statue of Liberty is in fact considered to be Jersey territory). It does not get much better than Jersey for me, but I do have great love for Charm City and the people I have met here. 

Loyola is a very special place with very special people who I will treasure this year and look back on fondly for years to come.


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Who am I?

Hello, Hounds! My name is Victoria, and I’m a sophomore speech-language hearing science major from Naples, Fla.


I knew I wanted to come to Loyola when I was 8 years old. Both of my older sisters are alumni, so I had been to my fair share of move-ins, family weekends, and lacrosse games before I even enrolled as a first-year last fall.

It’s almost a family tradition at this point; we are Greyhounds at heart.

In my short time here, Loyola has led me to my passion, allowed me to find my niche on campus, and has given me the resources to pursue the things I truly love.

I have fallen in love with, of course, my major, but also the comfort of my home away from home.

Aside from the wonderful honor of blogging for A Hound’s Life, I am a resident assistant for first-year students, treasurer of the BEElieve club, and an active member of several other clubs on campus. These include Action for Autism, NSSLHA, SCECC, American Sign Language, and Operation Smile!

Through these clubs and the Center for Community Service and Justice (CCSJ), I have been able to serve individuals and families of the Baltimore community, while also developing my own personal growth through guidance, selflessness, and love.


Beans and Bread: 9/25/16

When my Loyola graduation rolls around in 2019 (and after three boxes of tissues), I hope to continue my education and follow a career helping patients in the medical field with speech-language deficits associated with brain injuries and disorders.

Luckily, this is still a few years away, and I have some more time to enjoy Loyola before graduating and entering the “real world.”

Sophomore year, for me, is about study abroad info sessions, lacrosse games, spending way too much time in the Study, and adventuring into Baltimore with friends.

A New Direction

A little over a year ago, I was merely a high school student with no clue where my life fam-visitwould take me—aside from leaving my small, peninsular town on Long Island. Today I know who I am and what direction my life is going in.

My name is Alyson Forgione, and I’m a sophomore at Loyola. I’m an elementary education major with a minor in special education. I wrote for this blog last year, and am excited to see what this year brings…

Even now, with three years still remaining of my college career, I know the direction I want the rest of my life to head in; I want to be a second grade teacher.

A teacher who someday influences others the way my own teachers influenced me.

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Jumping into Junior Year

Hey, everyone! My name is Kelly, and I’m a junior classics/history double major from Cleveland, Ohio.

(Everyone: “Hi, Kelly!”)


I’ve gotten that sentence down-pat because I’m an Evergreen (Orientation Leader) here at Loyola, which means I’m very used to giving people a quick summary of my life.

(If you were wondering, my fun facts are that I can whistle through my tongue and that I know more about figs than most people care to. Side note: This is what happens when you’re a Classics Major. You pick up a bunch of “useless” information.)

What do Evergreens do, exactly? Well, in addition to helping plan and run Summer Orientation and Fall Welcome Weekend for new students and their parents, I help my group of first-year students at our weekly Enrichment Sessions, where we talk about ideas such as diversity and justice while also addressing common issues for new college students, like time management and homesickness.

I love being an Evergreen because I love being able to help new students find their way here and helping them to see why I love Loyola so much.

The beauty of Loyola is that it’s a small, liberal arts school in the Jesuit Tradition, where the people who work here are in your corner, and will push you as much as they support you. I can’t imagine myself anywhere else.

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New Kid on the Blog

Hi fellow, future, and former Greyhounds!

My name is Tim Attolino, and I’m a new blogger this year.

A little about me: I am a senior political science major/public relations minor from the lovely shoreline town of Milford, Connecticut. I was lucky enough to spend the spring semester of my junior year in Auckland, New Zealand. 

You may have seen me around campus in my usual spots around campus: at the round tables by Starbucks, the front row in Reitz Arena, or in the stands at Ridley Athletic Complex, wearing a backwards hat at all times.


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Halo from across the pond!

Halo from across the pond!

I’m Juliana and I’m a junior at Loyola. My major is global studies and my minor is sociology. I’m really interested in human rights, justice, conflict, and my dream job would be to working at the International Criminal Court, or really anything that keeps me moving around the world…

Which is why, as much as I love my studies and my life at Loyola, I’ve said goodbye for this year. I’m actually writing from Leuven, Belgium, where I am spending the year studying at KU Leuven.

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Brunching through Baltimore: The Ultimate Guide

Baltimore is a foodie’s paradise—especially if you love breakfast and lunch, but have a hard time deciding which to partake in. There are tons of restaurants in nearly every popular neighborhood in Baltimore that offer brunch lovers the tastes they crave.

I’ve been chronicling my brunch adventures in my podcast, Brunching Through Baltimore.

Throughout my four years of brunching in Baltimore, I have picked up a few tricks to getting the most out of every experience.

Allow me to share my top five…

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Lessons from My Sophomore Year

The semester is finally winding down, and my second year at Loyola is coming to an end. I’ve definitely learned a bunch in my classes, but it wouldn’t be a school year at Loyola if I hadn’t learned some life lessons along the way…

While I learned Greek and read Paradise Lost, I learned how to be silent. While I wrote countless research papers and tried to learn physics, I learned patience. I met countless wonderful people and reunited with old friends.

IMG_6179 - 1

So, what have I learned this year that won’t receive a grade?

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Baltimore, One Year Later

Think back one year ago…

It was the start of finals for the spring semester of my first year at Loyola, and the start summer was only 10 days away. As I sat there trying to study, 10 days like months. I couldn’t study.

Something felt wrong about trying to pretend nothing had happened the night before. I realized I couldn’t just sit on my perfect little campus while the world around seemed to be on the verge of a revolution… So I searched all over Facebook to find out if there was anything to do (classic college move). I found information about a student-led demonstration taking place downtown and decided that I needed to be there. Forget exams; this was more important.

I called a couple friends and we got ourselves down to Penn Station, the meeting point for the demonstration. We got there and I saw more police officers than I had ever before. Dozens of cops in bullet-proof vests lined the outside of the train station. I felt my stomach sink a little and thought “What am I getting myself into?”

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