Bus Stop

I have always had the urge to pack a suitcase, drive to the airport, and pick a destination at that very moment.

There are so many unexplored areas in the world that are waiting to be discovered. Being unable to know the final destination causes extreme uncertainty. However, uncertainty is a good sensation to experience because it allows us to truly think. I would probably decide to go to Sierra Leone, Bhuton, or Ecuador — locations that have not been well developed and aren’t popular tourist attractions.

At this very moment, being able to take full control of our future is unrealistic. Our future is based upon our inspiration, our present decisions, and individuals we will soon encounter. It can change in an instant. We cannot draw out a blueprint for our lives because we do not know what is ahead.

Throughout college, I have noticed that society’s expectations of us holds us down from making our own personal decisions. Pressure from parents, our hectic weekly schedules, and continual judgement creates this cycle.

Break free from the expectations to be perfect. No one is living your life, except for you. Do what YOU want to do with YOUR life.

Go on an adventure, where you don’t know the final destination. Make a decision that you have never made before. Write a book. Make a website. Do something creative. Try something new each day. Express love more. Let your passion run wild within.

Listening to my own advice, I took on my own adventure this past weekend. I wanted to create something visually appealing, discover something new, and learn something about myself.

Instead of a plane, I decided to take Route 11 on the local Baltimore Bus. It was 5:23 p.m. on Saturday as the bus arrived. I pressed record on my iPhone 5 and hid it in my jean pocket. I walked onto the bus, paid $1.60, and walked to back of the bus. As I gazed around the bus I noticed the different types of people. Many were coming back from a hard day at work, their facial expressions showed pain. A young woman around the age of 20 was holding her newborn baby two rows from me. The old man next to me did not take his eyes off of the scenery outside. The 10-year-old boy was reading his latest homework assignment to the left of me.

Each of these people has his or her own unique stories. I wanted to know every single one of the stories and situations these people have been in. They have all come from different circumstances that have led them on this bus today. What circumstances have brought me to this one specific bus?

Here is the video that I have created from this experience:

“Humans are on an endless unstoppable journey through life. We are bound to the traditional expectations of society. Break free and let your ambitions run wild. Allow your passion within your soul to fuel your future. Don’t let judgement prohibit you from your internal happiness. You are in control of your life. Have faith in yourself and your passion. Then success will follow. You adventure awaits at your next footsteps.

Where will you be in the next 10 years? When will you begin to take charge of your life? What decisions will you make to change your life? What bus stop will you get off next?”

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