As I sit here eating my Lucky Charms and sipping very strong coffee on a Sunday afternoon, I can’t help but feel that the adult world I’m stepping into and the adolescent world I’m leaving behind sometimes come together in beautiful ways. You’d really expect them to clash which, believe me, they do, but this weekend my life seemed to be a bit more harmonious than usual.Read the full blog post here.


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About Rory

Some quick bits about me: I'm a senior at Loyola, pursuing an interdisciplinary major in Studio Arts and Communication. I hail from New Jersey, but would love to live in New England. I have 2 sisters and 4 cats. Books, art, and crafting are my passions. Cooking isn't too bad either! Even though being super involved on campus is fun, my roommates and friends take the day's stress away with lots of laughs and crazy escapades.

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