Measurement of Success

As individual human beings, we each have our own unique, evolving perceptions of success; therefore, the definition of infinite success is personal and relies heavily upon an individual’s culture, experiences, and environment. In a world comprised of approximately seven billion people, finding a universal definition or measurement for success it difficult to achieve.

There are three key actions that we must continually pursue during our quest towards our personal success: finding one’s passions, welcoming new experiences, and accepting failure.

Passion, an enigmatic phenomenon, lies deep within the human soul that one must find. If passion develops within, it will fuel the individual’s journey towards success; therefore human beings have to search deeper and find their passion. Martin Luther King stated, “Human progress is neither automatic nor inevitable. Every step toward the goal of justice requires sacrifice, suffering, and struggle; the tireless exertions and passion concern of dedicated individuals.” At a young age, Martin Luther King had no idea that he would develop into a revolutionary icon and leading civil rights activist. It took time for Martin Luther King to find the passion burning within; to stand up for human’s rights.

Moreover, it takes time for the rest of the individuals in the world to discover what zealous dreams they desire to accomplish. One’s passion may be for writing, engineering, mathematics, serving others, or teaching, and it motivates and drives us to be successful. Passion is what drives human beings to become the best versions of themselves. Passion is a flame to a candle, a writer to a book, an atom to a star, a gram to a sugar in a Hershey’s chocolate bar.

Once one finds passion, it provides a reason for existing on earth. Imagine a world without the desire to find that passion. Without it, our world would not recognize Einstein, Charles Darwin, Martin Luther King, Dr. Seuss, or Steve Jobs. These individuals found their passion through trial and error. We should heed Steve Jobs’ advice and “Stay hungry. Stay foolish.” We must stay hungry enough to find that unknown passion, and must remain foolish enough to follow this passion even if all else is against us.

Judgment and fear prohibits humans from venturing into unexplored territory. Moreover, discovering personal passions is fundamental to success and depends highly upon being able to welcome new experiences. Embarking on this allusive journey opens an uncharted world, which forces us to step out of our comfort zones. As first-year students, fearing college should not prohibit us from joining a new club, taking a course that has nothing to do with our intended major, or playing intramural sports. Any college freshman might just find that hidden passion.

Embracing the new opportunities and accepting them with open arms will mold us. Not all new explorations are a way of finding success; some may just entail happiness. I have always had a desire to go skydiving. Even though this would not help me become successful it will help shape me into a more outgoing individual with an experience of a lifetime. Some people may know what they want to do in the future, but new experiences can unveil passions, thereby exposing us to the source of motivation that will drive us to be successful.

Acceptance of failure enables humans to become stronger beings who have a better chance at success. Failure brings us to a humble place where we can make our dreams into a reality. Individuals who experienced failure have the opportunity to expend it towards their success.

A newspaper company fired Walt Disney because he “lacked imagination and had no good ideas.” Now, Walt Disney is presaged as a beacon of imagination, magic, and wonder. Henry Ford’s first three automobile companies went out of business. Now, Henry Ford is the figurehead of the automobile industry. Oprah Winfrey was fired from a television studio because she “wasn’t fit to be on screen.” Now, Oprah is the queen of television talk shows, an actress, a philanthropist, and a businesswoman. Without Walt Disney, Ford, and Oprah’s failures they would not have become successful. Human beings continue to fail time and time again.

The most essential part of failure is not being afraid of it; and if you do fail the key is to get right back up.

In fact, in order to be successful in the 21st century, you must accept failure and use it to your advantage. Learn from past mistakes and try again no matter how many times it takes. Success is an ongoing, unstoppable process.

Twenty-seven different publishers rejected Dr. Seuss. What if he just gave into the rejection and gave up his passion for writing and illustrating? Luckily, we do not have to imagine a world without Dr. Seuss because he decided to accept his past failures and continue to pursue his passion. Dr. Seuss stated, “Only you can control your future” and he transformed his future by learning from his failures. Accepting failure and using it constructively is unquestionably the most important contributor towards success. Success can evaporate in an instant, but failure can be overcome.

Most people have a desire to be successful. The purpose of this blog was to motivate you to find happiness through your future success. First, find the passion by venturing out into the unknown world. Next use that passion as a tool to ignite your desire. Finally, accept that failure and transform it to success. You never know – maybe one day you will change the world.

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