Reminiscing and Winding Down

Hey guys! I’m back with an update on what happened after both fashion shows. In the last post I talked about how excited I was for the fashion shows but now I’m feeling underwhelmed. It’s been so exhilarating and so fun to be able to have the opportunity to participate in both of these fashion shows. Now, it’s like my schedule has cleared and I would like to be busy again. I think at this time of year a lot of Loyola students feel this way. It is the time when all activities start to wind down and we edge closer and closer to finals season. I am definitely not even ready to begin to think of finals season. The best thing to do at this time is to make sure that things don’t slide and you stay on top of your assignments and projects. It really is the calm before the storm of finals. As I reminisce on each fashion show I have found even more differences and learned many more lessons.

Baltimore Fashion Week was a no-nonsense whirlwind affair. On the day of the show we had a schedule of practice time for a couple of minutes, makeup, and more fitting for designers. I originally was going to model for two designers but by the time of the show I discovered that I was put in with two more designers. One thing I learned quickly was that I did not have a say in the clothes I got picked to wear or the makeup that was chosen for me to wear. My hair was even done to their liking. Then the show started and it went by in a blur. Each designer had a different pattern that we had to use on the runway. Right before going on they would yell out the pattern and all the models would have to be aware of the formation. The entire show ran smoothly and it was a lot of fun as the music aided in flair of each scene. Baltimore Fashion Week was also a great way to network as I was able to get phone numbers and business cards of designers and makeup artists. I hope to take some of what I’ve learned in Baltimore Fashion Week to aide me when I apply to be the director of the fashion show senior year.

Loyola’s fashion show was also fun, but different. I loved how all our hard work paid off in the end. Loyola’s fashion show had more rehearsal time that lasted for months. During that time everyone in my scene bonded and we were able to vibe off of each other on the runway. I think that I loved Loyola’s fashion show better just because I feel that it had more intricate choreography and it’s more fun to walk on the stage. Another thing that is different is that we had more of a say in the clothing that we wore and the atmosphere of the entire fashion show was more relaxed. All in all both fashion shows have been so much fun and I’ve learned a lot from my experiences.

Look out for pictures in the next post 🙂


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