Hidden Emotion

The friends that I have met at Loyola University Maryland are the most respectable, wholesome, caring individuals that have come into my life. Each of them is exceptional in their own way. Their morals and religious beliefs make me a stronger human being. Their experiences, humor, and friendship motivate me to accomplish all that I can in my lifetime. They are absolutely exquisite human beings that deserve everything they aspire to be.

However, every single one of them carries certain burdens that are not revealed to the world on a daily basis. They constantly disguise their emotions because of the fear of being judged. There is tremendous struggle within.

I decided to create a video that allowed for a safe sanctuary for them to express their deepest personal struggles.

Their feelings arose when they started communicating their personal battles to me and the camera. Many of my friends were unable to express their emotions on camera. Some of my most confident, outgoing friends became extremely shy.

Some of the reactions: Irritation with his parents getting a divorce, fury towards his best friends who started bullying him in high school, rage against all the individuals who made him feel different just because he is gay, misery because relatives have past away in her life, grief towards his relative who suffered from alcoholism, guilt because her brother has autism.

All of these emotions were bundled up within and each unique in their own way. They never had an escape root to let just let these emotions loose. Especially since our peers are constantly around us at college.

We all have experiences that need to be shared with the world. Our experiences, good and bad, make us who we are. There is nothing more risky then holding in our emotions. It is how we allow others to learn from us. It is how we carry ourselves every single day.

College students are constantly hiding behind their smiles. We need to let go of the fear within and truly express how we feel. Life is too short to hold everything in.


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