I am a SuperFan

Super fan.


What’s the difference? I’m glad you asked…

Loyola SuperFans is a student organization that is dedicated to the promotion and publicity of Loyola’s Athletics program and to support the student-athletes.


But for me, it is so much more than that. SuperFans is a lifestyle. It’s waking up every day, putting on a Loyola hat or Loyola hoodie, knowing that I’m representing this amazing University.

Come game day, this institutional pride gets taken to a whole different level…

img_2110There is nothing that makes me more excited than standing in Reitz Arena or Ridley Athletic Complex and seeing a sea of green and grey, supporting our fellow Hounds.

Throughout my time at Loyola, I’ve been honored to call myself a SuperFan. If you see me around campus, I’m most likely having a conversation with someone about Loyola sports, as well as about what type of giveaway we want to do at the next game.

(You know most of those free T-shirts in your dresser? They were, more likely than not, a SuperFans giveaway.)30430974943_12034e1e1c_z

Cheering on my friends and peers on the court or the field is my personal outlet. There’s nothing like getting rowdy for a few hours to support the people I care about and the school I love.

30917711230_0d93549673_zIn my almost four years at Loyola, I’ve learned the value of the importance of community, and one of my personal expressions of community is being a Loyola SuperFan.

In the spirit of community, I reached out to some of my peers on the SuperFans Executive Board, to whom I posed the question “What does it mean to be a SuperFan?”

These were some of their responses…

“To me, SuperFans means the perfect blend of unity and school spirit. Every student is a part of the Loyola community and through Athletics, we are able to come together in support of our Greyhounds.”
—Ryan Fucci, ’19

“SuperFans means bringing our campus and community together. Together, we can show our love and spirit for Loyola by bleeding green and grey.
—Gabby Cameron, ’18

“SuperFans is an identity. I, along with my fellow SuperFans, have been given the opportunity to live as a helping hand to the Loyola community. We are given the chance to be the leaders that bring Loyola students together in order to support and motivate one another in the activities that we love.” —Rye Verille, ’20

“SuperFans is an incredible organization that I am proud to be a part of. Our focus is to inspire students to engage in our athletic teams, regardless of the weather, score, or sport to achieve an electrifying crowd at all events.
—Glennith Capone, ’18

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