40 Days Until Graduation Bucket List

Somehow, the class of 2017 only has 40 days left on the beautiful Evergreen campus…

We have had quite the journey, and there is still time to cross things off our Loyola bucket list. So I asked a bunch of fellow seniors to share the one thing they want to do in the next 40 days before we graduate.

In no particular order, here’s what they had to say…

  1. Watch the sunrise/sunset from the Humanities Porch
  2. Visit the Tulip Garden in bloom
  3. Have a picnic on the Quad
  4. Get a bird’s eye view of Loyola from the roof of the Student Center
  5. Visit Annapolis
  6. Walk around (and get lost) in Hampden
  7. Visit the Baltimore Museum of Art
  8. Eat at all of the restaurants in Baltimore that have been featured on Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives
  9. Go to the Top of the World observation level of Baltimore’s World Trade Center, for a beautiful view of Baltimore
  10. Stargaze from the 4th Floor of Sellinger
  11. Take a selfie with Father Linnane
  12. Storm the field after a huge Lacrosse win
  13. Pull an all-nighter in Humanities
  14. Try all 12 months’ worth of “Pancakes of the Month” at Miss Shirley’s
  15. See a movie at The Senator
  16. Binge-watch an entire series on Netflix in a weekend
  17. DJ a show on WLOY
  18. Dive off the high dive at the FAC
  19. Get a selfie with T-Pain at Loyolapalooza
  20. Go on a trip with OAE
  21. Take a picture with IGGY at a lacrosse game
  22. Go on an OPTIONS trip
  23. Take one last “basic” picture on Humanities Porch
  24. Go to an Orioles’ game at Camden Yards
  25. Volunteer at a York Road Community Day through CCSJ
  26. Win an Intramural Sports Championship
  27. Go to a Men’s or Women’s Lacrosse game, and catch a free T-shirt
  28. Go to every independently owned coffee shop in Baltimore
  29. Donate to the Senior Class Gift
  30. Climb the rock wall at the FAC
  31. Have a celebratory cigar on Humanities Porch
  32. Have lunch in Sherwood Gardens
  33. Explore Remington
  34. Pull an all-nighter in the Chapel
  35. Grab dinner in the Refectory
  36. Get a beer stein at Loyola’s Senior Biergarten
  37. Relax in a hammock between two trees on the Quad
  38. Try a new drink on the Starbucks menu
  39. Have a conversation with an employee in Boulder or Iggy’s
  40. Enjoy everything that Loyola has to offer for the next 40 days

(Younger Greyhounds, I encourage you to use this bucket list as inspiration for your remaining years and for your senior year at Loyola!)

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