Letter to the Loyola Student Body: Thank You for an Amazing Year

Hey Guys,

I sit here in my half-barren bedroom in Newman, surrounded by the trinkets and objects I have accumulated over the course of the year. The bandanna from winning the boot-throwing contest at Loyolapalooza hangs next to the nametag from moving in the freshman on Move-In Day 2014. The varsity letter from my glory days of varsity track is pinned not too far away from my schedule from last semester, the highlighter faded from the many months of sitting on the wall.

Pretty soon all of these things are just going to be objects in the back of my family’s soon to be over-stuffed Toyota Highlander. Pretty soon the sidesplitting stories that went with these various objects will all be old memories from “just another year of college.” As I pack these things away, I think about how different junior year is going to be. For those juniors going away for study abroad in the fall, a whole semester of Loyola will have gone by without seeing a major chunk of our graduating class, and the same thing applies to those going away in the spring. As someone who is going away in the spring, it feels weird knowing that people I see on a day to day basis are going to be gone come September for an entire year.

As students begin to move out and amount of people thins out per day, getting to see everyone you want to becomes more and more of a struggle. So, I just wanted to say something to those students who are going away in the fall and really to the rest of the class of 2016 as a whole:

Thank you for an amazing year.

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Teddy’s Tips for Finals

As the semester wraps up and people begin to cram for the finals that many of us completely forgot started next week, campus will soon become littered with sleep deprived students carrying extra large Starbucks cups slogging their way, praying to find a spot in the soon to be packed second and third floors of the library. Before your studying begins, here are some tips to help you with studying for finals and hopefully prevent some of you from tearing out your hair in frustration. Continue reading

Going home is just as good

As spring break winds down and I begin my frantic day-before-the-flight packing, I look at my phone and see the annual overdose of spring break pictures from every tropical place you can imagine. Spring Break is all part of the college experience, a time when college students become enamored with the idea of sunshine, parties, and large amounts of distance from their families. This week students took off to relax on beaches along Florida, Mexico, and various other islands. According to DoSomething.com, more than 1.5 million college students will jet off to these locations and will spend a total of over 1 BILLION dollars in the process. Continue reading

Snow Days

This winter has been a tumultuous one to say the least. With the polar vortex forcing itself across the United States, many states are reporting new records in almost every winter category. One of the states that was hit the hardest by the winter storms was Maryland, which, over the past month or so, has forced Loyola to cancel school five times. My good friend Ryan said it perfectly when he said, “I didn’t think there was anything better than having a snow day in high school, but I was wrong. Snow days in college are so much better.” Continue reading

Essential apps every college student should have

As the world continues its technological advances, one of the things that will be on the forefront of everyone’s minds is what new additions and features smart phones are going to continue to develop. Smart phones are the fuel that makes our generation go. With a smart phone, you are able to do so much on such little time. You can check your email, send a tweet, respond to a text and check how your favorite sports team is doing, all within the time it takes you to walk to class.

Going along with the smart phone trend is the invention of the “app”. These are applications you can find and download in order to tailor your iPhone specifically for you based on what apps you download. For students, there are many different options in terms of what to download. However, there are some essential apps that every college student should have. Continue reading

Sorry, I Have Practice

As my season winds to a close, and things return to normalcy for at least a few weeks, one thing always sticks out at the end of every season. It is something that people that aren’t athletes just don’t understand. It is uttered from the mouths of every athlete on this campus at least a couple of times a week, I guarantee it. It is such a simple phrase, yet means so much in the grand scheme of things.

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