This is not a blog post about being 4 months away from graduating college

In a willing suspension of reality, I am not thinking about the fact that it is my last semester at Loyola. I am not thinking of my 16 years of planned formal education coming to an end in four months. I am not even entertaining thoughts of complete financial independence from my parents or asking myself, How much money have I saved? No, I’m not considering graduation, not having nightmares about unaccepted job applications, not growing more terrified by the second of the mysterious future. Continue reading

A November Night on the Town

November started off with the Charm City Fringe Fest. From the 3rd to the 10th, Baltimore celebrated performance art in true Baltimore fashion: on the down low. You didn’t hear about the event? Well, I’m not surprised. It took me at least a 30-45 minutes of intense internet surfing, which began with a simple quest for live music in Baltimore, to find out anything was even happening, and by the time I was planning to attend, there were three days left of the eight-day event.

Still, solid choice. Continue reading