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When RA training began in August, my dad pulled up to the Student Life office with a packed trunk and my siblings to help unload. I scrambled to get my key and back to the car to make the process as quick as possible.

I was so ready for my new apartment and my new role as a resident assistant, but I knew I only had about an hour and a half to do all of this before my first-ever RA meeting.

After emotional good-byes at the car, I turned back to Campion Tower and felt ready to take on RA training, even though I didn’t really know what this meant or entailed.


When I applied for the position, I knew RAs are meant to help students with the adjustments of college life, such as aiding smooth transitions into the residence halls, the new college workload, the social aspects of building community, and personal adjustments.

What I was interested in finding out was… what else? 

What were we going to spend two weeks being trained for?

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Home, to me, is more than a geographical coordinate or the physical structure of a house.

Home includes the people who support me every day, make me laugh, and are always cheering me on.

I have considered Naples, Fla., to be my home for the past six years: the familiar faces in my favorite Thai restaurant, the colorful sunsets over the pier, and the holidays that serve as perfect excuses for family barbecues.

I grew up in Long Island, have lived in Naples for years, and am now able to call Baltimore my home as well. I found another home within my community that I once thought only existed 1,000 miles away…  Continue reading

Who am I?

Hello, Hounds! My name is Victoria, and I’m a sophomore speech-language hearing science major from Naples, Fla.


I knew I wanted to come to Loyola when I was 8 years old. Both of my older sisters are alumni, so I had been to my fair share of move-ins, family weekends, and lacrosse games before I even enrolled as a first-year last fall.

It’s almost a family tradition at this point; we are Greyhounds at heart.

In my short time here, Loyola has led me to my passion, allowed me to find my niche on campus, and has given me the resources to pursue the things I truly love.

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