The ABCs of Final Exams

Starting today through Dec. 20, Loyola students will be preparing for, angsting over, and taking final exams.

The good news is once it’s over, we have home, the holidays, and a nice long break to look forward to.

But before we can enjoy the fruits of our labors, I call your attention to some things to keep in mind to help you conquer this final week of fall semester: the ABCs of finals.

A is for abroad.
For juniors, this is the last week we will see half of our grade for an entire semester, so be sure to appreciate the time you have with the fall group of Loyola juniors… and get ready for a whole new group of people on campus when you return from Winter Break.

B is for breakfast.
Breakfast is likely the least-consumed meal on Loyola’s campus, due largely to the fact that the average college student values sleep above all else (especially during finals). This is a shame, because breakfast is brain fuel. Breakfast stimulates brainpower to work through those tricky exam questions laden with terms you don’t remember being on the study guide.

C is for calm.
Remain calm. Panicking over finals is not going to make them any more painless. Panicking is only going to make you more nervous. If you accept the fact you are taking the final or writing the 12-page final paper—and allow extra time to prepare so you feel more confident with the material—you will be fine!

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Going home is just as good

As spring break winds down and I begin my frantic day-before-the-flight packing, I look at my phone and see the annual overdose of spring break pictures from every tropical place you can imagine. Spring Break is all part of the college experience, a time when college students become enamored with the idea of sunshine, parties, and large amounts of distance from their families. This week students took off to relax on beaches along Florida, Mexico, and various other islands. According to, more than 1.5 million college students will jet off to these locations and will spend a total of over 1 BILLION dollars in the process. Continue reading