Celebrating Light and Life in Baltimore

We got off the bus, not really knowing what to expect, and as we walked towards the Inner Harbor, we were overwhelmed by the crowd, the music, and the lights.


My friends and I trekked down to the Harbor for Light City on Thursday night, so we weren’t expecting too many people. It was a school night and a work night, after all. We thought we might bump into some other Loyola students, since it was “Loyola Night.”

To our surprise, there were thousands of people walking around the Inner Harbor enjoying the festival. I’ve never been so happy to see so many people in one place, all celebrating Baltimore…

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Good Food Friday

Easter. A time when Catholics around the world celebrate Jesus’ Resurrection and eventual Heaven. A time of religious and commercial fervor, especially as families meet to celebrate.

In almost every family I’ve ever met, there’s some tradition associated with whatever major holidays they celebrate. My family is no different.

Every Good Friday, the women on my mother’s side of the family get together to make Fiadone, an Italian ricotta-filled pastry.


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A Day in the Life: Vitaliy



5:26 a.m.
Yes, I’m up before the sun. Hard for many of my fellow Greyhounds to fathom, I’m aware.

But that’s precisely why I’m writing this, to tell you about a day in the life of a first-year commuter student at Loyola…

Once I’m up, I like to embody a simple Englishman, you know: a cup of green tea (no extended pinkie, though) with an electronic version of morning news. I get my fix of politics, culture, current events, and other highly entertaining stories that run through my mind for the rest of the day, feeding me energy.

My schedule this semester has mostly morning classes, which works well for me because I have work in the afternoon.

Let’s get it started [insert the rest of The Black Eyed Peas lyrics here]

Jacket zipped, scarf around the neck, a Washington Capitals beanie on, and here I go, stepping out into the real world.

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Springtime in Baltimore: Top 5 Things for College Students to Do

After what felt like the coldest winter Baltimore has seen in quite some time, spring has finally arrived. And as the weather gets warmer, the opportunities to get outside and get involved in activities around the city increase exponentially.

As someone who is not originally from the area, I will tell you that at first, it was difficult to figure out things to do beyond the Evergreen campus. However, I started following the advice I received from older, wiser students, and I eventually became familiar with the downtown neighborhoods.

The amazing thing is, aside from the things I am about to suggest to you, there is so much more to see and do.

Let’s start with my top five ideas for fun, low-cost ways to spend the remaining weekends of the spring semester in Charm City…

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The ABCs of Final Exams

Starting today through Dec. 20, Loyola students will be preparing for, angsting over, and taking final exams.

The good news is once it’s over, we have home, the holidays, and a nice long break to look forward to.

But before we can enjoy the fruits of our labors, I call your attention to some things to keep in mind to help you conquer this final week of fall semester: the ABCs of finals.

A is for abroad.
For juniors, this is the last week we will see half of our grade for an entire semester, so be sure to appreciate the time you have with the fall group of Loyola juniors… and get ready for a whole new group of people on campus when you return from Winter Break.

B is for breakfast.
Breakfast is likely the least-consumed meal on Loyola’s campus, due largely to the fact that the average college student values sleep above all else (especially during finals). This is a shame, because breakfast is brain fuel. Breakfast stimulates brainpower to work through those tricky exam questions laden with terms you don’t remember being on the study guide.

C is for calm.
Remain calm. Panicking over finals is not going to make them any more painless. Panicking is only going to make you more nervous. If you accept the fact you are taking the final or writing the 12-page final paper—and allow extra time to prepare so you feel more confident with the material—you will be fine!

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Tis’ the Season of Love

February 14 is the season of love and everyone is either preparing for a chill night with friends or a date with a cutie. Valentine’s Day is not just a day to spend with a date or a boyfriend but it is a day where you can show your loved ones that you love them. Or even just do something nice for a stranger. Continue reading

This is not a blog post about being 4 months away from graduating college

In a willing suspension of reality, I am not thinking about the fact that it is my last semester at Loyola. I am not thinking of my 16 years of planned formal education coming to an end in four months. I am not even entertaining thoughts of complete financial independence from my parents or asking myself, How much money have I saved? No, I’m not considering graduation, not having nightmares about unaccepted job applications, not growing more terrified by the second of the mysterious future. Continue reading

A November Night on the Town

November started off with the Charm City Fringe Fest. From the 3rd to the 10th, Baltimore celebrated performance art in true Baltimore fashion: on the down low. You didn’t hear about the event? Well, I’m not surprised. It took me at least a 30-45 minutes of intense internet surfing, which began with a simple quest for live music in Baltimore, to find out anything was even happening, and by the time I was planning to attend, there were three days left of the eight-day event.

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