The Robots are Coming

Mark Zuckerberg has done it again.

Actually, he’s still doing it.

Every year, the social media magnate posts a resolution on his Facebook page announcing an activity the billionaire plans to undertake in the new year.

Each of his goals is something that, if met, every person could benefit from…

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The Ultimate Guide to a Successful First Year: Part II

We live in what can seem like a stressful and competitive world. The tendency is to work hard and play harder, or to burn the candle at both ends until you’re exhausted and can’t do either. Sometimes it seems there aren’t enough hours in the day to do the things we need to do, let alone the things we want to do.

This post is part two of a post in which I share what I have found to be methods to help first-year college students like me have a productive and enjoyable experience…

(You can find Part I of my Ultimate Guide here.)


Even homes is putting some hours in - but is he doing it right?

Let’s be honest: Every college student dreads studying. I can’t think of one person who doesn’t despise the hours spent in the library, taking notes and staring at pages until our eyes glaze over.

More than being prepared for a test, success in life is defined by knowledge, and you will never be able to hold an intellectual conversation without a base of appropriate information.

The most effective way to keep the information locked within your conscience is to study. Here are my top four ways to engage with information while studying…

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The ABCs of Final Exams

Starting today through Dec. 20, Loyola students will be preparing for, angsting over, and taking final exams.

The good news is once it’s over, we have home, the holidays, and a nice long break to look forward to.

But before we can enjoy the fruits of our labors, I call your attention to some things to keep in mind to help you conquer this final week of fall semester: the ABCs of finals.

A is for abroad.
For juniors, this is the last week we will see half of our grade for an entire semester, so be sure to appreciate the time you have with the fall group of Loyola juniors… and get ready for a whole new group of people on campus when you return from Winter Break.

B is for breakfast.
Breakfast is likely the least-consumed meal on Loyola’s campus, due largely to the fact that the average college student values sleep above all else (especially during finals). This is a shame, because breakfast is brain fuel. Breakfast stimulates brainpower to work through those tricky exam questions laden with terms you don’t remember being on the study guide.

C is for calm.
Remain calm. Panicking over finals is not going to make them any more painless. Panicking is only going to make you more nervous. If you accept the fact you are taking the final or writing the 12-page final paper—and allow extra time to prepare so you feel more confident with the material—you will be fine!

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You’re Never Fully Dressed without a Smile

One of the brighter aspects of having a class schedule that is spread throughout the day is seeing different groups of people every time I walk out my door.

As the weeks pass and we fall into the semester’s schedule, I grow more accustomed to the people I see, and I prepare my mental checklist of hellos for whichever walk I’m making.

It is interesting to see how certain times of year affect people and the moods I see them in. The Thursday before Fall Break, for example, people are more upbeat and excited than they would be if they were just coming back from a test they pulled an all-nighter to study for.

Frowns are almost as commonplace as smiles, especially now that we are in the gauntlet of tests, quizzes, and papers. People are tired. I get that. But what I want to tell everyone on my walks, regardless of how your day is going or how much sleep you got (or missed) the night before, it’s to smile.

For most of us, smiling is involuntary. We don’t think about when we do it. On the flipside, we don’t normally make an active choice to withhold a smile. And yet we know exactly what can trigger our face to lift upwards in a grin. The truth is smiling can have a bigger impact on your day-to-day life than you think. Continue reading

Creating Yourself

College students are on an endless search of finding out who we want to become in this vast universe. Our souls go through an unstoppable evolving path of finding ourselves. We are persistently reflecting on what is to come in our near future. Who are we going to become? Where will be in the next five years? What are we called to do with our lives?

College is the start to rest of our lives. Every inch and centimeter of the universe is open for us to explore. This is our time to make mistakes and learn from the consequences. This is our time to discover something new. This is our time to shape who we are as young adults. We will never have this opportunity ever again. Life is short so we must make the most out of it. We must grasp onto the new experiences and opportunities before us. Our moment to create something for the universe and ourselves is now. Not tomorrow. Not in a year. NOW. Continue reading