As I sit here eating my Lucky Charms and sipping very strong coffee on a Sunday afternoon, I can’t help but feel that the adult world I’m stepping into and the adolescent world I’m leaving behind sometimes come together in beautiful ways. You’d really expect them to clash which, believe me, they do, but this weekend my life seemed to be a bit more harmonious than usual. Continue reading

Updates and Countdown to the BSA Fashion show

We have just returned from spring break and now it is full speed ahead. You would think that after a break I would take it easy but in fact it is the complete opposite. March 2014 is going to be the busiest month of my life. The one thing that keeps me sane is my planner and I’m literally hanging on to it for dear life in order to keep up with everything in my schedule. However, it is exciting and fun to see that eventually all my hard work will pay off in the end. Continue reading

Going home is just as good

As spring break winds down and I begin my frantic day-before-the-flight packing, I look at my phone and see the annual overdose of spring break pictures from every tropical place you can imagine. Spring Break is all part of the college experience, a time when college students become enamored with the idea of sunshine, parties, and large amounts of distance from their families. This week students took off to relax on beaches along Florida, Mexico, and various other islands. According to, more than 1.5 million college students will jet off to these locations and will spend a total of over 1 BILLION dollars in the process. Continue reading

BSA Fashion Show

March 28 at 8 p.m. is going to be Loyola BSA’s annual fashion show. I am so excited because I will be modeling in the show this year and a lot of hard work goes into the show. There will be four different parts of the show with an introduction scene and an outro scene. Besides modeling rehearsals, there are also people who volunteer to work with public relations, advertising, and helping to get all the models on the runway for the day of the show. It is a really fun student run event and that is what makes it so amazing. Continue reading

Essential apps every college student should have

As the world continues its technological advances, one of the things that will be on the forefront of everyone’s minds is what new additions and features smart phones are going to continue to develop. Smart phones are the fuel that makes our generation go. With a smart phone, you are able to do so much on such little time. You can check your email, send a tweet, respond to a text and check how your favorite sports team is doing, all within the time it takes you to walk to class.

Going along with the smart phone trend is the invention of the “app”. These are applications you can find and download in order to tailor your iPhone specifically for you based on what apps you download. For students, there are many different options in terms of what to download. However, there are some essential apps that every college student should have. Continue reading

A Passion For Photography

“Life is full of beauty. Notice it. Notice the stars, the small child, the smiling faces. Smell the rain and feel the wind. Live your life to the fullest potential, and fight for your dreams”

First semester of freshman year I decided to take an Introduction to Photography class. Loyola and this class made me open my eyes to my passion for photography. Continue reading

Winter Trends and Christmas Cheer

I love Christmas!! It is the time of year when I really look at what I have and I am grateful for all the things I have and people in my life. Giving gifts to people is an extension of that love and gratitude that I have in my heart. I have been on the lookout and I have noticed some winter and holiday fashion trends around campus. Continue reading

It’s That Time of Season

It’s that that time of season we have all been dreading. Finals season! I am already looking back and thinking of all the fun I had during Thanksgiving. I spent time with my family and reconnected with old friends.

Thanksgiving selfie:

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