About Messina

I still remember the excitement rushing through my veins as I opened a folder labeled “Loyola University Maryland,” wondering whether my fate was sealed in a single brief letter from the office of admission.

“Congratulations!” I read, continuing to skim the letter, “I am delighted to offer you early admission to Loyola University Maryland.”

My heart rate accelerated. Body heat escaped. Vision blurred. I stood with the letter in my hands, attempting to figure out next steps.

As a high school senior, I thought, “I’ve made it!” All I needed to do now was confirm my acceptance, purchase books, and register for classes…

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A Whole New World


One word that has such a mammoth impact on our lives.

It shouldn’t scare you, though. It should excite you. Because while the concept of college can be “pee in your pants” terrifying, once you accept the thought of experiencing a whole new world full of exhilarating opportunities, the notion of college as a place where we go to be homesick will dissipate. And you will be OK.

I know because I just lived through it.

Though leaving home wasn’t the difficult part for me; I was ready to go. I was ready to leave the same friends I’ve known since kindergarten, and the same small town where I’ve spent my life for a while now, because I wanted to experience something different. Something new and invigorating.

That doesn’t mean I didn’t experience a moment of complete and utter panic on my first day of classes…

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