Teddy’s Tips for Finals

As the semester wraps up and people begin to cram for the finals that many of us completely forgot started next week, campus will soon become littered with sleep deprived students carrying extra large Starbucks cups slogging their way, praying to find a spot in the soon to be packed second and third floors of the library. Before your studying begins, here are some tips to help you with studying for finals and hopefully prevent some of you from tearing out your hair in frustration. Continue reading

Reminiscing and Winding Down

Hey guys! I’m back with an update on what happened after both fashion shows. In the last post I talked about how excited I was for the fashion shows but now I’m feeling underwhelmed. It’s been so exhilarating and so fun to be able to have the opportunity to participate in both of these fashion shows. Now, it’s like my schedule has cleared and I would like to be busy again. Continue reading

Snow Days

This winter has been a tumultuous one to say the least. With the polar vortex forcing itself across the United States, many states are reporting new records in almost every winter category. One of the states that was hit the hardest by the winter storms was Maryland, which, over the past month or so, has forced Loyola to cancel school five times. My good friend Ryan said it perfectly when he said, “I didn’t think there was anything better than having a snow day in high school, but I was wrong. Snow days in college are so much better.” Continue reading

It’s That Time of Season

It’s that that time of season we have all been dreading. Finals season! I am already looking back and thinking of all the fun I had during Thanksgiving. I spent time with my family and reconnected with old friends.

Thanksgiving selfie:

Continue reading

Sorry, I Have Practice

As my season winds to a close, and things return to normalcy for at least a few weeks, one thing always sticks out at the end of every season. It is something that people that aren’t athletes just don’t understand. It is uttered from the mouths of every athlete on this campus at least a couple of times a week, I guarantee it. It is such a simple phrase, yet means so much in the grand scheme of things.

“Sorry, I have practice.” Continue reading