Home of the AJCU Justice Committee

A resource for the AJCU website for Conference on Justice in Jesuit Higher Education.

In October 2000 the 28 universities sent delegations to the first
Commitment to Justice in Jesuit Higher Education Conference.
Since that time the campuses have worked to strengthen the justice tradition that is a hallmark of Jesuit education.

Here is a list of Justice Initiatives at the Jesuit Colleges and Universities in the USA.

-Research and Publications on Justice issues
-Peer-Reviewed Journals for publishing Justice related scholarship
-Assessment Instruments
-Ignatian Spirituality Resources
-Film Resources
-2012 Institutional Examen Publication

Committee Members
- Jennifer Glancy
- Frederick Glennon
- Daniel Hendrickson
- David McMenamin
- David Opitz
- Heather Mack
- Joseph Orlando
- Kathleen Orange
- Mary Beth Combs
- Matthew Carnes
- Michael Duffy
- Roger Bergman

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