Hangin’ with the Hounds

Last Thursday afternoon I was the happiest girl at Loyola.

Why, you ask?  I’ll let this photo explain.

Me with Rudy

Me with my new best friend, Rudy.

GREYHOUNDS CAME TO LOYOLA.  Let me repeat.  Real, live greyhounds came to Loyola.

GreyhoundsThe event was called Hangin’ with the Hounds and was sponsored by SGA (Student Government Association) during Initium Week, which Loyola has every year during the first full week of classes.  The week is full of activities that really help to get first-year students (and everyone!) involved and feeling at home at Loyola, such as the Activities Fair, the Service Fair, a movie on the quad, and sporting events.

To supply the necessary hounds for Hangin’ with the Hounds, Greyhound Pets of America brought about six of their adopted greyhounds to the quad for a few hours in the middle of the day.

I was talking with one first-year student who was fawning over the hounds, and she told me how grateful she was for the opportunity to spend time with some lovable dogs, since she missed her pups at home so much.  The hounds were just as grateful to spend time with her and all of the Loyola students.  I could tell they were loving the attention from the students, who were obsessing over all of them, taking pictures, and talking to them like they were their own dogs from home.

I, too, miss my puppies at home.  I have two dachshunds, Raven and Rory, and every time I go home for break they run out the door to greet and lick me like I’ve been gone a million years.

My dachshunds, Rory and Raven.

So long story short, SGA gave me a wonderful gift right when I needed it.  Amidst all the stress I was dealing with and as I neared the end of a very hectic week, I was able to spend half an hour forgetting about all of my work and worries and just hanging with the hounds.


My roommate Jen (I love her to death, but I'd trade her in a flash for a greyhound).

Two happy hounds.

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