God’s Voice Within by Mark E. Thibodeaux, SJ

May of us do not trust our own thoughts, feelings, and desires when it comes to discerning God’s will. Instead, we look outside ourselves to determine what God wants form and for us. In God’s Voice Within, spiritual director Mark E. Thibodeaux, SJ, shows us how to access our own spiritual intuition and helps us understand that the most trustworthy wisdom of all comes not from outside sources, but from God working through us.

Following the principles of Ignatian spirituality, Fr. Thibodeaux helps us understand that the decisions we make in life are always undergirded by one of two spirits: the false spirit or the true spirit. He thoroughly explains how to recognize each of these spirits, how to respond to each one and how to move from discerning spirits to actually making decisions consistent with God’s will for our lives.

By learning to discern what is at the root of our actions and emotions, we are well prepared to respond to God’s promptings inside us and rather than unconsciously reacting to life around us.

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