Imagine: How Creativity Works by Jonah Lehrer

Did you know that the most creative companies have centralized bathrooms? That brainstorming meetings are a terrible idea?  That the color blue can help you double your creative output? Shattering the myth of muses, higher powers, even creative “types”, Jonah Lehrer demonstrates that creativity is not a single gift possessed by the lucky few.  It’s a variety of distinct thought processes that we can all learn to use more effectively.

Lehrer reveals the importance of embracing the rut, thinking like a child, daydreaming productively, and adopting an outsider’s perspective.  He unveils the optimal mix of old and new partners in any creative collaboration and explains why criticism is essential to the process.  The he zooms out to show how we can make our neighborhoods more vibrant, our companies more productive, and our schools more effective.

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