“In the Name of God, the Most Merciful, the Bestower of Mercy” by DAS

Letter to the Blog’s Editor

America’s flawed corrections policy is the root cause for a lot of American ills. ¬†America’s mass incarceration has led to an imbalance in the number of available African American males to females. Science has proven that female sperm swim faster than-male sperm, leading to higher female birth rates. African American females live longer than African American males, due to the propensity of African American males dying to violence. If males both Caucasian, and African American are born at lower rates than their counter parts, and both die at higher rates due to violence (Iraq, and Afghanistan wars for Caucasian males; the two previously listed wars, and street crime for African American males) the women for them to marry are left partner-less at greater and greater numbers. Men generally have fewer morals than their female counter parts. If regular males are now given celebrity male status due to their diminishing numbers, they are allowed to thrust their greater immoral behavior onto their large ranks of female suitors. Women now believe to catch a man they have to be willing to sleep with another woman for the excitement of their man. This of course is not true for all women, but generally it is now more acceptable among women. African American women have to venture into the Caucasian male pool, due to the bleak numbers in the African American male pool. (Note: Some may assume this was the main purpose of mass incarceration.).

Mass incarceration may have been started as systematic racism, but due to the wars in Iraq, and Afghanistan it is giving Caucasian females an experience of African American females. Whether that elicits sympathy from Caucasian females or not is yet to be seen. If mass incarceration is meant to only hurt African Americans it has backfired from its early roots. Prison life is generally a lot more violent than life on the streets. African Americans released from prison bring their learned violence back to African American neighborhoods. As a result African American neighborhoods are a lot harder to grow up in, than typical white suburbia. If a Caucasian male from the suburbs makes a minor mistake and ends up on the wrong side of the law, he has to learn to live in an area exponentially tougher than the suburbs he grew up in. Mass incarceration has thrust him into nightmarish living conditions. His choices are escape (nearly impossible), win an early release (highly unlikely), accept second-class status to be robbed and mistreated (often) or accept being treated like a despised woman for the remainder of his stay (most likely).

Whether you consider homosexuality as a choice or not, the large amount of Caucasian men who became homosexual in prison did not choose. And they would disagree with those that say homosexuals are born that way. The vast majority of them had homosexuality thrust upon them. When they return home, they return home with a different set of sexual morals than when they went to prison. Who knows, prior to prison, the little boy next door might have disgusted them. Now he looks just as good as a beautiful woman. If he entices the boy next door with ice cream money, now mass incarceration has affected the little Caucasian boy next door, and further lowered the available men for Caucasian women by X (the Caucasian guy that came home from prison plus all the little Caucasian boys next door he can entice with ice cream money). Did the boy next door choose homosexuality, or did he choose ice cream money?

Mass incarceration might have been planned to only affect African Americans, but it now affects Caucasian men and women. lr-regardless of how you feel about mass incarceration, homosexuals multiply at vastly lower rates than heterosexuals.


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